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Our Vision

The great questions and challenges of any age summon voices from many corridors. Often these voices do not engage with one another, resulting in discourses that fragment along disciplinary, vocational, ideological, or religious lines.

The Rivendell Center for Theology and the Arts (RCTA) envisions enriched dialogues between a variety of interlocutors. By curating conversations that draw upon the fruitful partnership historically enjoyed by Christian theology and the artistic imagination, and extending this to include scholars and practitioners from many different disciplines and perspectives, we seek to generate fresh, innovative approaches to matters of vital importance to human flourishing.

Our expectation is that such exchanges will inspire new works of scholarship and artistic creation, and contribute to people’s individual fields and practices.

Recognizing that behind every work of scholarship and creative act is a desire to make sense of the world and answer the questions which intrigue the human mind, RCTA intends these broadened conversations to be personally as well as professionally meaningful for all who participate.

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Fellows & Board of Reference

David Mahan, RCTA Co-Director, Rivendell Institute Senior Fellow
Lecturer in Religion and Literature, Institute of Sacred Music, Yale Divinity School

Tanya Walker, RCTA Co-Director, Rivendell Institute Senior Fellow

Board of Reference

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