Rick Schneider

Senior Fellow, Center for Religion and Civil Society
Research Interests: Sociology of Religion; Civil Society Theory; Comparative Civil Religion

Rick graduated from Harvard University in Slavic Languages and Literature (B.A., 1982). Rick worked as the Vice President for International Sales of TechCare Systems, Inc. In 1993 the Schneiders moved to Moscow where Rick was Vice President of the Technical Research Institute and Director of the Christian Embassy which organized seminars, training and exchange programs for Russia’s new generation of political and business leaders. In 2002, Rick completed his Ph.D. in Russian political sociology at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), has published several articles in Russian academic journals and co-edited Vlast’ i Nravstvennost’ (2000). Rick returns to Moscow each year to teach an intensive course on democracy and religious worldview as an Adjunct Professor at MGIMO.

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