C. Donald Smedley

Vice President, Rivendell Institute
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Track Two Diplomacy & Religious Freedom
Research Interests: Politics and Religion; Religious Freedom; Role of Religion in the Public Square; Islam and Christianity; Natural Law Theory; Privileged Status of Scientific Knowledge

As a student activist at the University of California Don became involved in the free speech and civil rights movements where he challenged the prevailing presuppositions and truth claims of the day. It was this journey which led him to faith. What is real, what is true, what is right, always have been the guiding concepts in his personal and professional life. As a founding member of the Rivendell Institute Don seeks to respectfully engage contemporary culture as a scholar and activist particularly where his faith intersects the public square in politics, religious freedom, justice, and the role of science. For the past fifteen years his work principally has focused on Muslim – Christian engagement, around such issues as reconciliation and religious freedom. Don founded and led a Working Group on Islam and Christianity at Yale for seven years, has been a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at Yale and Guest Lecturer in Religious Studies. He has authored several pieces including an entry in Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization and a chapter in The State of the Evangelical Mind (IVP, 2019).

Don is a long-time member of Yale Religious Ministries, serves on the Board of Directors for the New England District of the Evangelical Free Church of America, and is a Fellow of Berkeley College, Yale. Don and his wife Sue live in New Haven, CT.

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