Center for Track Two Diplomacy & Religious Freedom

An Evangelical Initiative

Photo Courtesy of: “Religious Freedom is for Non–Christians Too,” Russell Moore, The Gospel Coalition, July 1, 2017, photo from Lightstock

The Center for Track Two Diplomacy & Religious Freedom [CT2D&RF] brings together scholars and faith–based leaders to examine the teachings of Christianity and Islam that can contribute directly to improved relations and respect between Muslims and Christians, particularly Evangelicals, at the civic level; and between Muslim–Majority nations and the West to provide a possible consensual pathway toward policy change at the political level. The goals of the Center are:

  • to advance the case for international religious freedom, drawing on resources and relationships of the three Abrahamic faiths and the teachings and person of Jesus.
  • to produce a body of work by a network of scholars that will contribute to a better understanding of each faith in the public square.
[Note:  We have recently broadened our mission to include all faiths, though at present our focus is on our relationship between Muslims and Christians. We will be updating the site to include this shift in late spring]

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